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  • Diagnostics
    We determine what your problems are before any work is started.

  • PC Tune-up
    The removal of viruses/spyware/malware or any other malicious programs. We also complete a system optimization to help improve the overall performance of your system.

  • OS Install
    The installation of any major operation (i.e Windows 7, Mac OSX,)

  • Data Backup or Transfer
    We can transfer all over your important data (i.e picture, documents, movies) from your old PC to your new.

  • Hardware Installation
    The installation of any internal PC component (i.e motherboard, power supply).

  • Software Installation
    The installation of a software package (i.e Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop).

  • Dust Removal
    Most PCs have a large dust build up that clogs fans and other cooling devices causing over heating and eventual crashes. We use an antistatic Compressor to remove dust from every nook and cranny , what is a nook and cranny exactly?

  • Hard Drive Recovery
    When you data is corrupted or missing we can provide options on how to retrieve you data , including professional grade recovery options.

  • Wireless Security
    Are you neighbors using you're internet? Is your network password protected? If not we can make sure you are locked down.

  • Printer Installation
    Printers can sometimes be frustrating to install don't worry we have installed every make and model over the years.

  • Printer & File Sharing
    We can share your printer and files so every PC/Laptop has access to it .

  • E-mail Setup and Restore
    Email is very important so let us set it up for you , we can also provide a complete backup if necessary.

  • PC Install & Setup
    Want a professional to come to your home to setup your PC

  • Peripheral/Accessory Install
    The installation of any external device or add-on (i.e digital camera, ipod, lint remover).

**Additional charges may apply for multiple users - anything over 2 users increases the time it takes to clean your pc exponentially , therefore the less users you have the faster and cheaper it will be

  • 1-3 users no extra charge
  • 4 users +$10
  • 5 Users + $20
  • 6 Users + $30

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