Since 1996, EC Computers has grown from a small home business to a successful and well respected company.

Our initial goal was to help people who didn’t feel comfortable using computers it turns out there are a lot more people to help than we ever thought. When we first opened 90% of families owned on average only one PC, now almost every household has over 4 internet connected devices if not more in some cases and they are increasing in popularity every day.

Any one of our customers can tell you that our honesty and customer confidentiality has been our keys to success.

We are constantly researching and field testing new technologies that will help both our business continue to be prosperous in the future.

EC Computers has multiple talented employees that maintain updated qualifications to better serve any business or customer.

We hope to balance technology and everyday life in the future to create a healthy and well rounded business that puts the customer first.

While maintaining a comfortable Retail store and showroom our main priority is to make make sure that everyone who walks through our doors feels comfortable with our decisions and plans. We also provide free onsite business audits and estimates.