EC Computers offers many residential services


We determine what your problems are before any work is started.

PC Install & Setup

Have a professional come to your home to setup your PC.

OS Install

The installation of any major operation (i.e Windows 7, Mac OSX).

Hardware Installation

The installation of any internal PC component (i.e motherboard, power supply).

Data Backup or Transfer

We can transfer all over your important data (i.e picture, documents, movies) from your old PC to your new.

Hard Drive Recovery

When you data is corrupted or missing we can provide options on how to retrieve you data, including professional grade recovery options.

Software Installation

The installation of a software package (i.e Microsoft Office, Adobe PhotoShop).

Peripheral/Accessory Install

The installation of any external device or add-on (i.e digital camera, iPod, lint remover).

Wireless Security

Are you neighbours using your internet? Is your network password protected? If not we can make sure you are locked down.

Printer Installation

Printers can sometimes be frustrating to install, but don’t worry. We have installed every make and model over the years.

Printer & File Sharing

We can share your printer and files so every PC/Laptop has access to it .

Email Setup and Restore

Email is very important so let us set it up for you, we can also provide a complete backup if necessary.

PC Tune-Up

The removal of viruses/spyware/malware or any other malicious programs. We also complete a system optimization to help improve the overall performance of your system.

Dust Removal

Most PCs have a large dust build up that clogs fans and other cooling devices causing over heating and eventual crashes. We use an antistatic Compressor to remove dust from every nook and cranny, what is a nook and cranny exactly?

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Price List

*Additional charges may apply for multiple users – anything over 2 users increases the time it takes to clean your PC exponentially, therefore the less users you have the faster and cheaper it will be.

1-3 Users No Extra Charge

4 Users + $10

5 Users + $20

6 Users + $30

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